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Bombay Theme Mp3 Song Download

Bombay Theme Mp3 Song Download Online From Bombay 1995

Bombay Theme Mp3 Song Download From Bombay Telugu Movie 1995 . Telugu Song “Bombay Theme Mp3” Save In Your Mobiles With Fast Direct Downloading System. Bombay Theme is Most Popular Telugu Song Of Bombay Movie. Bombay Theme Telugu Song Audio Quality Is 320Kbps And 128Kbps. Bombay Theme Song Lyrics in Bottom

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Bombay Theme Mp3 Song Download

Singer : Instrumental
Lyrics By : Veturi Sundararama Murthy

Bombay Theme Song Lyrics

Ekam EvA dviteeyam (There is one without two (brahman):
EkO devaH sarva bhUtAntarAtma (One consciousness in all the
ekA bAshA bhUtakAruNya rUpa (One shining as form of divine
ekam lakshyam sAmarasyam samEsham (One aim, to achieve
equality among all):
Ekam sarvam chittamAnanda pUrnam (One as ALL and as complete
and eternal bliss)

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